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Epic 3-Phase Pumps

The days of just one nitric oxide booster are long gone. Now pumps get better over time – throughout your workout!

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Smooth Energy

Of course there’s still caffeine. But we bet you haven’t tried the two new focus and endurance stimulation agents!

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Prime Performance

Make no mistake – this is for weight-lifters, sprinters, and crossfitters alike. PRs are on their way, and here’s why:

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User-Approved Taste

It’s a bit sweet, it’s a bit tart, and it’s like nothing you’ve had yet. This new flavor system is getting all great reviews!

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Become a Gym Monster!
How the Breakthrough Pre-Workout Supp Jack3d Micro Has Me Gaining Like Never Before!
Skin-Shredding Pumps, Personal Record Destroying Focus, and the Energy & Strength to Dominate Even the Most Grueling Workouts

We’ve all had those days in the gym: Steeled resolve. Laser-sharp focus. Animal-like intensity. Smooth, clean energy that seems like it will last for days. Pumps from another planet. This is an incredible feeling that every veteran of the iron game has experienced.

And what does it all lead to?

Destroying our personal records. Adding more weight to the bar. Hitting reps we’d normally think would bury us…with ease. And that deep sense of satisfaction that only comes from standing victorious after a long, hard-fought battle against the iron.

It’s one of the best feelings there is. You are hell-bent on success and its as if nothing can stop you.

Unfortunately, the painful truth is that Rampaging, or Beast Mode, or Getting in the Zone, or whatever you want to call it…is rare and seems to only happen every once in a while.

But ask anyone who has “paid their dues” in the gym and you’ll discover that the key to long-term size and strength gains…to getting to the next level…to making your time spent in the gym worthwhile…is that every time you enter the gym, you are absolutely, positively killing your workout.

If you want to step it up, you better be ready to wage war on a daily basis or you aren’t going to be getting anywhere.

My name’s Mike. I’m 30 years old and a bit of a health and fitness nut. I’ve been at this for some time and I’ve come a long way. But in each of my past few “bulking seasons” I’ve plateaued in trying to get to a lean 200lbs.

With my training on point and my diet dialed in, I’ve known the reason why my past bulking attempts had failed: I couldn’t consistently muster the focus and energy I needed to dominate each and every workout. I’d have an amazing workout here and there…but I certainly wasn’t “in the zone” each and every time I lifted.

To be blunt, I lacked the intensity and the “gotta want it” attitude that I needed to bring my strength and size to new levels.

Jack3d Micro is Quite Simply the Best Pre-Workout Supplement I Have Ever Used for Lifting
I am Crushing it Every Workout

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be selected to beta test USPLabs newest pre-workout formula, Jack3d Micro.

I was preparing for another mass-building phase and I wanted to finally break that 200lb barrier. I knew I was gonna need a kick in the ass to step my workouts up to get there. But I’d tried a bunch of the other pre-workout supps on the market and had been incredibly disappointed. They were either garbage, or if they worked, they left me jittery, tingly, and bloated.

Around that time, I also started hearing some of the huge buzz surrounding Jack3d Micro, so when I heard there would be a beta test, I jumped all over it.

My research into Jack3d Micro convinced me it would deliver exactly what I needed and wanted out of a pre-workout supp:

  • “Man on a Mission” Focus & “Ready to Rumble” Intensity:
    Let’s get real – once you’ve reached a certain level, it takes some serious effort to continue to get bigger and stronger. And if your training is sorted out, this comes down to one thing: being in the right frame of mind. Jack3d Micro’s unique blend of focus-enhancing compounds ensures that you are mentally ready to dominate every single set. When you are on this stuff, you feel like an unstoppable force.

  • Smooth, Clean, Long-Lasting Energy, Strength, and Endurance:
    Many pre-workout supplements are little more than mega-doses of caffeine. I’ve tried my fair share of these and they ALWAYS leave me jittery…and then I crash, big time. But USPLabs has cut down on the caffeine in Jack3d Micro (its still incredibly beneficial in the smaller amounts used) and used a unique blend of other energy enhancers to give this product a smooth, long-lasting energy. And the most incredible thing about it is these ingredients are “phased” so you actually get stronger as your workout progresses.

  • Insane, Unbelievable Pumps and Vascularity:
    Jack3d Micro uses a “timed” array of pump ingredients that will redefine both the intensity and duration of what you thought possible. The pumps from this stuff are absolutely mind-boggling.

  • No Unnecessary Ingredients:
    Every compound found in Jack3d Micro is there for one purpose and one purpose only: to give you an amazing workout. You won’t find a single ingredient that isn’t helping your have a tremendous workout. And there isn’t anything that should be taken at other times. This includes creatine and beta alanine. Because as much as both belong in every lifter’s supp stack they tend to leave many users tingly and bloated, so its best to take them at other times.

So I saw this opportunity to be a beta tester, applied ASAP, and was selected to be one of the very first lifters to put the product to the test.

After Just One Month on Jack3d Micro, I Have Obliterated PR After PR After PR and Gained Six Pounds of Completely Lean Muscle!

Despite being an iron junkie through and through, at the time I received Jack3d Micro, I was training for a long-distance swim. I eagerly took my first dose before a long swim session. As I got to the pool, I was motivated, focused, and energized like I hadn’t been in some time.

So I hit the water and you know what happened?

After just a few laps, I had to stop. My arms, chest, and lats felt like they were going to burst (or sink me) because they were filled with so much blood.

I couldn’t freaking believe it: Jack3d Micro had delivered such powerful pump-inducing compounds that freaking SWIMMING was giving me the pump of a lifetime. I literally couldn’t swim that day.

“Not so good for my swimming,” I thought to myself. “But HOLY HELL, I cannot wait to get into the gym on this stuff!”

And I was right.

I competed in my swim about a week later and then, it was on! I was 184lbs and with swimming over, I committed myself to making that run at 200. I took a few days off and the next week, I opened the gates.

From that point on, Jack3d Micro and I were on a mission. Gain or die.
And that first workout was INSANE. Just absolute insanity.

I could tell just going through my warm-ups that this was going to a workout for the ages. My muscles were swollen and pumped after just a few warm-up reps. I felt invincible and had a calm, alert energy that seemed to intensify with every set. And to say I was focused and driven just doesn’t do it justice. Even the look in my eyes revealed how determined I was. I was staring holes in the wall.

Destruction. Domination. Annihilation.

Those are a few of the words I can think to use to describe the workout that ensued. I owned that workout from start to finish.

That was a little over a month ago and the unbelievable thing is that with Jack3d Micro in my arsenal, I have felt like that for every workout since…I am so excited about the gains I’m getting with this stuff.

I’ve already gone from 184 to 190 and it’s been completely lean gains.

Every week that goes by convinces me that Jack3d Micro is going to have me kicking in the door…no, freaking stampeding through the damn door to 200lbs. If I need to wage war every workout between here and 200, Jack3d Micro is bringing a machine gun to a knife fight.

And to top it all off, the stuff tastes pretty good. Let’s get real – if you told me dirt was going to consistently give me the workout of a lifetime, I’d head to Home Depot, buy a giant bag of soil, and down a fistful of it before every workout. And Jack3d Micro has revolutionized my training so much, that I’d still be choking it down before every workout even if it tasted like battery acid. But the wonderful truth is that this stuff tastes DAMN good!

Jack3d Micro Represents the Most Advanced and Effective Pre-Workout Supplement on the Market
Inside the Formula that Will Redefine the Pre-Workout Category

So I’m sure you’ve heard of USPLabs and the original Jack3d.

USPLabs is one of the most highly-respected and most innovative companies in the game. And Jack3d has reached almost mythical status among hardcore lifters as the pre-workout supplement that changed the game.

But the development team at USPLabs is a set of guys who are never satisfied and they wanted to introduce a new product as an alternative to Jack3d. Unfortunately, Jack3d was taking some major heat due to the ingredient DMAA, which is now banned in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand and has come under fire in the US as well.

That’s where Jack3d Micro was born. It has an entirely different set of ingredients and benefits from its older brother. Both are great, but best used for different goals.

So the question everyone is asking is, which one do I take?

The most general breakdown is that Jack3d Micro is a great balance of both pumps and energy, while the original Jack3d, with its stronger stimulants, is definitely far stronger on the energy side.

So if you’re involved in workouts that require short bursts of energy, want to crush your next lift, and are looking for a “new” stimulant that won’t have you over-caffeinated, Jack3d Micro is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you have a pretty high stimulant tolerance and want some over-the-top energy, especially if you are doing cardio or endurance sports, the original Jack3d is a clear winner.

Either way, you’ve got the most credible and proven company in the industry behind you.

So if you think Jack3d Micro best suits your goals, let’s take a look at what makes it such a breakthrough in the pre-workout category: a combination of two blends of amazing compounds that produce the incredible pumps, energy, motivation, and strength I’ve discussed:

The eNOS Super Performance System™

The Jack3d Micro Ingredients

Are your muscles ready for the THREE-phase pump system?

This is the synergistic blend that is responsible for the pumps that threaten to burst veins and shred skin. Better blood flow, better nutrient delivery, better nutrient partitioning, and the pure joy of a ridiculous pump…

  • L-citrulline – works as the primary pump ingredient of Jack3d Micro and it is freaking intense. It hits HARD AND FAST. L-citrulline is best known improving the body’s nitric oxide production which in effect promotes better nutrient distribution, improved energy levels, and faster rate of recovery

  • Arginine nitrate – Jack3d Micro’s secondary pump ingredient. Arginine nitrate boosts the nitric oxide production of the body further and magnifies the already incredible pumps that created by the other pump ingredients, making for some long-lasting pumps. This is the primary reason why my pumps on Jack3d Micro have lasted so much longer than I’ve ever experienced before..

  • Agmatine sulfate – also a pump ingredient of Jack3d Micro, Agmatine sulfate is naturally a decarboxylation product of the amino acid arginine which is best known for boosting the body’s nitric oxide production. Agmatine sulfate promotes enhanced nutrient transport, better nutrient partitioning and healthier blood flow.

CNS Contractile Stimulant System™
This blend gives energy and strength like I’ve never experienced before. The only word to describe it is “amped.” You’ll never hit a wall mid-workout and in fact, the phased nature of this system actually helps you feel better as the workout progresses.

  • Caffeic acid (3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic Acid) – makes up for the antioxidant component of Jack3d Micro. Apart from having anti-cancer qualities, Caffeic acid has been found to possess anti-fatigue and anti-inflammatory properties that help greatly in post-workout recovery. Together with the Arginine nitrate, this is among the main reasons why Jack3d users can’t stop conquering their workouts – it dials the intensity to OVERDRIVE. It feels like it’s turning on a gene titled “Dont Want to leave the Gym,” if you know what I mean.

  • Norcoclaurine HCl / Higenamine – Jack3d Micro’s thermogenic stimulant. Naturally occurring in the Nandina plant, Higenamine has been reported to improve the rate at which the body burns fat. You will definitely feel this one, and it’s extremely safe.

  • Caffeine – this is the only common ingredient between the original and reinvented Jack3d. And for good reason, its effectiveness has been proven time and time again. Caffeine improves the body’s energy levels, and enhances cognitive functions, allowing for better focus, drive, and motivation.

You can read the Jack3d Micro Ingredients article for more details

Wanna Train Insane? Then Get on Jack3d Micro!

I think that’s all I’ve got on this stuff. It’s been a game changer for my training.

I’m currently taking two full scoops about 10 minutes before my warmup (which lasts 10-15 minutes), and that seems to be the perfect amount and timing. I get a solid stim rush – not too strong and not too weak – and everything seems to start kicking in right as I’m getting warmed up and lasts the entire workout.

I’m confident I’ll be updating this review when I bust that 200lb barrier for the first time. At that point, I’m adding a few new goodies to my supp arsenal in the form of the Asteroid Stack 2.0, which includes the new TEST powder natural test booster, designed to work hand-in-hand with Jack3d Micro to help those who are bulking HARD get the most muscle possible.

If you’ve got a big goal and you’re diet and training are on point, amping up the intensity and quality of your workouts really is the only missing piece to the puzzle. There is no question that Jack3d Micro will ABSOLUTELY help you take care of that for you. I love this stuff!

To the Relentless Pursuit of Fitness,

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Was in beast-mode during and after every set today! Everything felt light and my speed was awesome on bench!

Starting to feel extra anabolic and the new muscle building is helping out with my pressing power.

Kameron Ross, Drug-Free Powerlifter