Jack3d Advanced is an upgrade from the original Jack3d and Jack3d Micro supplements manufactured by USP Labs. Jack3d Advanced is the latest edition of the Jack3d formula that does not contain DMAA, a controversial ingredient that the FDA does not want to be in dietary supplements.

But the question for us is, which one should you try? The all-new Jack3d Advanced, or Jack3d Micro?

It Comes down to Energy vs. Pumps

The Jack3d Advanced Formula is a replacement for the original formula (which had DMAA). So, the answer is basically the same as what we wrote in our original Jack3d vs. Jack3d Micro article. It comes down to energy vs. pumps.

So what are you doing?

If you’re lifting heavy…

then you might enjoy the 3-phase amplified pumps that you get from Jack3d Micro.

The new Advanced Formula only has arginine nitrate as its pump ingredient, which is amplified by pine bark extract. That’s great, but Jack3d Micro has two more pump ingredients — l-citrulline and agmatine sulfate. If you’re looking for a bigger pump, or have a super heavy day, this is what you want.

But if you need endurance…

then it’s time to look at Jack3d Advanced. This has one ingredient that is lacking in Jack3d Micro – beta alanine. This ingredient is what helps your body produce more carnosine, which then helps remove soreness and keep your endurance high.

If you want energy…

then it’s a bit of a toss-up. While Jack3d Micro has a bit more caffeine (125mg per scoop), there seems to be more overall stimulants in the Advanced Formula. The dosage of higenamine (norcoclaurine HCl) seems to be larger in this new formula, but you also get yohimbe and a new one in swertia chirayita.

If you want results…

The Jack3d Advanced Formula Ingredients

Jack3d Advanced has creatine, Jack3d Micro does not

On top of the lack of beta alanine, Jack3d Micro also has no creatine. The new Advanced Formula not only has that, but it also has some creatine anhydrous, which is simply 100% pure creatine with no water bonded to it.

It’s really nothing too special anymore – creatine monohydrate is the go-to, but it’s cheap and effective. Time and time again, creatine proves to be safe and effective in terms of building lean muscle tissue and strength. Jack3d Micro is great for those who don’t want it for a short list of reasons, but overall, we recommend using it.

The Taste Differences

Micro = sweet and tart. Advanced = sweet and less tart. In our honest opinions of fruit punch vs. fruit punch, the Advanced Formula wins.

In the end…

Overall, it’s really coming down to energy and endurance vs. pumps. For the former, you go with the Jack3d Advanced formula. For the latter, you get Jack3d Micro.

For the best of both worlds, you can add TEST Powder or agmatine sulfate (USPLabs makes a product named Agmatine 500) to the Advanced Formula, and get tons of energy and pumps.

We’re just really excited about this new Advanced Formula.

The Advanced and Better than Ever

Follow the Label!

The Review

More background

Jack3d has been a favorite energy-boosting workout supplement for many exercise enthusiasts for years. The newly released Jack3d Advanced supplement is a high quality product and is guaranteed to be more safe than previous products because it is DMAA free, but it has the other original ingredients that made the product successful.

What Are the Effective Ingredients in Jack3d Advanced?

Jack3d Advanced is a patented blend of ingredients specifically developed for ultimate energy-boosting, work-outs and body building results. The doses of each ingredient are compliant with clinical studies.

It’s ingredients include:

  • Arginine Nitrate increases blood flow and is the main ingredient used in supplements for maximized workouts and pumps.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts energy during pre-workouts. It is also a focus and strength enhancer for exercising.
  • Pinus Pinaster Extract is an active ingredient for muscle cramps or soreness. It also helps joint flexibility.
  • Advanced Creatine is included in Jack3d Advance to help build muscle mass. It is used by athletes and professional body builder to fuel the muscles and for sserious muscle building affects.
  • Yohimbe Extract stimulates the nervous system and helps increase blood flow throughout the body.
  • Beta Alanine is a non-essential acid used to improve exercise and athletic performances, building muscle mass. It also fights muscle fatigue.
  • Swertia chirayita lowers body temperature during stringent workouts.
  • Vitamin C helps to increase nitrate availability.
  • Norcoclaurine is basically fat burner ingredient with energy enhancing properties.

What Are the Side Affects of Jack3d Advanced Formula?

Because the Jack3d Advanced does not contain DMAA, users are far less likely to have heart related side affects. However, ingredients in the product is associated with such side affects as low blood pressure, diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.

Proper use

As with any supplement or product, following the instructions on the label is very important when mixing and using Jack3d Advance. Initially, one scoop is to be mixed with 4 ounces of water for pre-workouts, or before resistance training. This is to be done the first 3 times before increasing the potency of the doses. After the 3rd use, 1 ½ scoops can be used with 4 ounces of water and gradually up to 2 scoops can beused if desired. However, USP Labs advise users not to exceed 2 scoops a day and not to use 2 scoops for more than 5 days during a week’s period.

Proper Nutrition

To help reach maximum benefits from workouts or bodybuilding, proper nutrition as well supplements, is important. Nutrition is what gives us energy and life. Without the proper diet supplements for workouts or bodybuilding are limited. A good nutrition program consist of:


Carbs are necessary for good cardiovascular workouts and resistance training. Carbs can be found in just about anything we eat. Carbohydratesgive a constant supply of glucose and should always be included in post-workout meals. For pre workout meals, it depends on your goals. We are major fans of yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats for nutrient-rich in carbohydrates. Eating small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals is also recommended.


Ingestion of protein is always important because our bodies are made-up from protein. Foods rich in proteins help build muscle tissue. Without protein in our diet it would be impossible to build muscles even with exercise and supplements. Proteins are chiefly found in meats, beans, eggs, and nuts.

USPLabs also makes OxyELITE Protein, which is a protein product that helps burn fat a bit too!

Healthy Fats

All body cells contain fat and fat is necessary for proper body functioning. Our hormones comes from fat and fat is needed to lubricate our joints. We recommend healthy, natural fats, such as those from grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and eggs, coconuts, nuts, avocados, and olives. Vegetable oils and anything mentioning “hydrogenated” (trans fats) are Not recommended.


The human body is 2/3 water. The body loses water constantly and it has to be replenished consistently before and after workouts, bodybuilding, or other stringent activities.